Sunday 28 February 2016

Useful AEM articles

These are some of the useful kb articles of AEM
AEM 6.x
  1. AEM_6_TarMK_Online_Compaction : If you are seeing rapid repository growth on an AEM 6.x instance
  2. aem6-available-hotfixes : Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 hot fixes
  3. aem61-available-hotfixes : Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 hot fixes
  4. DisableLineChecker : Disable the CQ5 Link Checker
AEM 5.x
  1. AnalyzeMemoryProblems :  AEM over a period of time may become slower and finally runsout of memory or you see an error in the logs or in the console output OutOfMemoryError
  2. AnalyzePersistenceProblems : If CRX doesn’t start, or if there are exceptions and stack traces in the log file that are related to persistence (such as TarPersistenceManager or FileDataStore)
  3. AnalyzeSlowAndBlockedProcesses : CRX/CQ process uses 100% of the CPU, the system doesn’t respond, or the system is slow
  4. AnalyzeUnclossedSession : In AEM application, developer has to ensure the proper closure of the JCR sessions. If not, such sessions will not be subject of garbage collection and thus will stay in memory, causing out of memory issue or system slowness. Each CRX Session creates and maintains its own set of caches which adds to the overall resource consumption.
  5. AnalyzeUsingBuiltInProfiler : Sometimes the application will be running fine but only few of the process will be really slow
6. cacheentrycollector-cache-size-is-too-small : If permissions / ACLs in AEM or CRX is used extensively, then it can affect the search         performance in the repository because when search results are being retrieved they must be filtered against the permissions in the CRX repository.
7. CloneInstance : Cloning an existing instance
8. crx-disk-and-memory-monitoring-shutdown-too-aggressively : CRX automatically shuts downthe repository due to a monitoring feature
9. DataStoreGarbageCollection :  to remove any unused files in the Data Store, use Garbage collection.
10. datastore-inconsistency-record-not-found : If you are facing Datastore inconsistency and seeing ‘FileNotFoundException’