Monday 27 February 2023

Resource dumped by HtmlRenderer - AEM

Noticed below error message on AEM 6.5 author and publish instances.

Resource dumped by HtmlRenderer

Resource path: /content/demo/jcr:content/root/responsivegrid_111/demo/reponsivegrid

Resource metadata: {sling.modificationTime=-1, sling.characterEncoding=null, sling.parameterMap={}, sling.contentType=null, sling.creationTime=-1, sling.contentLength=-1, sling.resolutionPath=/content/demo/jcr:content/root/responsivegrid_111/demo/responsivegrid}

Resource type: nt:unstructured

Resource super type: -

Resource properties

jcr:primaryType: nt:unstructured


Above error occurs when empty components of type nt:unstructured are copied using crx/de and are not drag and dropped. After deleting empty responsivegrid component which is copied in crx/de above issue is resolved.

Additionally, this error is observed when we enable a renderer for GET servlet. This can be disabled from the OSGI configMgr.

  • Navigate to felix console's configuration manager 
  • Search for "Apache Sling GET Servlet"
  • Check "Enable HTML" option, if the check box is checked then HTML renderer is enabled for the default GET servlet.
  • Uncheck this checkbox, you notice the 404 page instead of the "Resource dumped by HtmlRendererServlet" message.