Tuesday 31 January 2017

Creating an Adobe Experience Manager HTL component that displays a repeating data set

You can create an Adobe Experience Manager HTL component that displays repeating information that can be set by an AEM author during design time. For example, consider a typical on-line section of a sports site. Each section of the HTL component can list a story includes:
  • a digital asset (located in the Experience Manager DAM)
  • a heading
  • text
The following illustration shows an Experience Manager HTL component listing various sport stories about a youth football club.
The HTL component displays a repeating data set that is set by an AEM author using a Touch UI dialog that contains a Multifield control.

An HTL component dialog
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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Creating an Adobe Experience Manager HTL Component that parses MS Word Documents

You can develop an Adobe Experience Manager HTL (used to be known as Sightly) component that can parse and display content from MS Word documents. Some Experience Manager use cases require integrating MS Word documents with Experience Manager. The HTL component developed in this article parses a MS Word document and displays the content in in a HTL component. Consider the following Word document.

A MS Word document

You can develop a custom HTL component to parse this Word doc and display the data in an AEM web page, as shown in the following illustration.

A HTL component displaying data parsed from a Word document

Sunday 8 January 2017

Webservices in Hybris

Hybris provides a great way to expose all of its functionality via webservices, We can provide all the data available in the hybris database (products, promotions, vouchers , wishlist etc) to third party applications which are not built using Hybris.

Some webservices are exposed via http and 9001 port where-as others where spring-security is applied are exposed via https and 9002 port

Accessing normal webservices is pretty straight forward. But there is a way to access webservices where spring-security is applied.

Most of the features are provided by Hybris Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB). In case of customization we only have to Fetch data either byFlexible Search Query or from services, add them to a list and return the list to the calling application.

Rest of the things will be taken care by Hybris automatically :)