Saturday 28 May 2016

Using Custom Tag Libraries to search for AEM Content Tags

You can create custom tag libraries for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and use them to search for AEM content tags. Tags are a quick and easy method of classifying content within your website. In technical terms, a tag is a piece of metadata assigned to a content node within AEM (usually a page). A custom tag library uses an OSGi component. Within the OSGi component, the AEM Tag Manager is used to search for the content tags, For information about the API, see TagManager API.
A custom tag library is implemented as an OSGi bundle that contains a Java class that extendsTagSupport. For information, see Class TagSupport.
You also need to define a tag library descriptor (TLD) file and bundle that within the OSGi bundle. For information, see Tag Library Descriptors.
After you develop an AEM custom tag library, you can invoke its actions from an AEM component. For example, the component can display information about tag usage (for example, the number of times it is used). In this article, a Tags xtype is used to let the author select a tag from an AEM dialog, as shown in the following illustration.

Sunday 15 May 2016

Integrating AEM with Adobe Analytics and Target using DTM

You can create Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solutions that integrate with these Ditigal Marketing products: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM).
Adobe Analytics is the industry-leading solution that lets digital marketers analyze and optimize integrated data from all online initiatives across multiple marketing channels. It provides marketers with actionable, real-time web analytics intelligence about digital strategies and marketing initiatives.
Adobe Target is a personalization solution that lets you easily identify content through tests that are easy to execute. Therefore, you can deliver the best experience to your web visitors. In this article, personalization of the landing page is driven by Target. AEM will import Audiences from Target so that they can be used right within AEM to create activities to personalize our page. AEM then synchronizes the activity to Target.
DTM is a Digital Marketing cloud service that allows a marketer to manage Adobe and third-party tags used for tracking or other analytic purposes. It is done through client-side scripting that injects tag related code throughout the pages of the site.
By using these products together, you can build engaging solutions that let you deliver the best content to a given web site visitor. That is, you display content from AEM DAM that meets the interest of the visitor. This development article walks you through how to build a solution that uses AEM, Analytics, Target, and DTM. 
The following illustration provides an overview some of the Marketing Cloud solutions (AEM, DTM, Analytics, and Target) used in this article.

Overview of the Digital Marketing Solutions